Being Jobless is a Blessing: A Friendly Reminder

Suara Wanita – Jobless? Lost your job? Got fired? Sent tons of applications but still not hired? Unless you’re Dalai Lama, it’s probably normal to feel a little bit depressed at times like these.

But keep moving; life is hard sometimes. That’s the way it is. You just have to deal with it whether you like it or not. And, if you try to see it from a different angle, being temporarily unemployed is actually a blessing in disguise.

Being jobless means you have more free time to work on yourself. More time to improve your language skills, more time to upgrade your working skills, and so on.

Let’s say you’re a writer or a journalist, and in your entire career you’ve only written in your native language. Unfortunately, those online job ads that interest you require foreign language fluency at some level. It’s not that you only know one language, you were just too lazy to improve. Sound like a perfect time to fix that, right?

In the likely scenario of being in between jobs for months, on top of an ongoing job search, use your time to improve on your whatever you lack. No money for a language course? No problem! Lots of websites offer free learning materials. So many people out there are willing to help you too.

Your foreign language skills might never reach native level in just three months, but at least it will improve significantly — enough to make you more attractive to potential employers. So keep sending your resumes! Because at the end of day, someone will see and hire you anyway.

And if you prove me wrong, I will get up, become an even better version of myself, and try again.